Baby Shower Invitations For Girls

Invitations for Girls

What types of invitations are ideal for the modern mommy? There are a lot of different invitations for you to choose from when it comes to the baby shower invitations for girls. Some of my favorite options are as follows…

Not much has changed over the coarse of the years when it comes to invitations, especially when you look at a baby shower for girls, in fact you will see a lot of design elements that are popular again and again. I am still in a glitter state-of-mind but there are a lot of different ways you can style the girl baby shower invitation. I collected a couple of different invitations to match the glitter baby shower invitations which you will find below.

The girl theme has inspired me to begin looking at other themes that are just as fitting for girl invitations.

If you’re looking to host or have a sweet party in your friend’s honor, there are a couple of ways to do that with a creative and unusual way.

Unusual Baby Showers For Girls

Who says that a baby shower should be a formal tea and brunch sort of thing? And should a baby shower be only for girls?

An unusual baby shower might just be the thing that you need to shake up the party.

I say that a party be shaped not by rules but by the guest of honor and what will make you happy. With the season of football here and my Buckeye was a fun, but rocky start, I thought that you posting a couple of past rains did that they were inspired by the love of guest of honor at sports.

You can arrange the perfect baby shower for girls even if you have a college-football crazed mommy. If you’re not familiar with the Ohio State/Michigan Rivalry or College Gameday this invite idea is going to go over your head, but I promise if you are familiar with them you will laugh just like the guests and bride-to-be did. See more pictures on our website.

Another great idea for baby shower for the couple. Guests were invited to a Baby Pep Rally and the invitation of Pom-Pom pennant asked that come ready to use your favorite team colors.

Simple but adequate, decorations were created with balloons, Pom-Poms, megaphones and primary colors vapors, all had topped with a “baby shower is the #1” flag or a banner. We have also created a sports-themed diaper cake which was a big hit with the boys and girls at the party. And don’t forget the peanuts and crackerjacks. Now play ball!

A Girls Only Mommy Party

A trendy mommy-party is a great way to escape from the traditional baby shower, it’s a girls only party, but it does not focus on the baby, because this party for Mommy is! You can get this party without the onesies, a spoiled girl’s night without the terror stories, ok I lied about that one there is always a tale of terror by babies on each type of baby shower party.

You know that mom that in a baby shower comes after her own and she has dark circles under her eyes and twitching of scarcely sleep. (I admit I exaggerated, just a bit, there is no twitching.) This shower is focused on getting the mom prepared the stress and demands of motherhood, but its not scare! It can be for a group of friends get together or to celebrate the mother with a second or third shower.

Glitter Girls

Are you looking for ideas for the girl’s baby shower that are just as cute as a button?

Rose gold faux glitter pink ombre girl

A modern, original and simple faux rose gold glitter ombre It&#;s a girl invitation on a fully customizable blush pink color background

Little Princess  Invite, Faux Glitter

Invite attendees to your shower with this whimsical little princess themed invitation! The glitter and foil are embedded images and the design will print flat and without the texture of real glitter or foil. Matching items such as diaper raffle tickets, bring-a-book cards, thank you cards, and plates can be found here:

Little Man , Faux Glitter

Invite attendees to your shower with this classic little man themed invitation! Available in many colors and patterns. No actual glitter will be on this invitation. It is an embedded image of glitter and will print flat as shown. More color choices and matching items can be found here:

Little Prince  Invite, Faux Glitter

Invite attendees to your shower with this whimsical little prince themed invitation! The glitter and foil are embedded images and the design will print flat and without the texture of real glitter or foil.

Little Princess  Invite, Faux Glitter

Invite attendees to your shower with this whimsical little princess themed invitation! The glitter and foil are embedded images and the design will print flat and without the texture of real glitter or foil. Find coordinating items and other color choices here:

Little Princess  Invite, Faux Glitter

Invite attendees to your shower with this whimsical little princess themed invitation! The glitter and foil are embedded images and the design will print flat and without the texture of real glitter or foil. Matching items such as diaper raffle tickets, bring-a-book cards, thank you cards, and plates can be found here:

Little Man , Faux Glitter

Invite attendees to your shower with this classic little man themed invitation! Available in many colors and patterns. The glitter is an embedded image of glitter and the design will print flat and without the texture of real glitter.

Girl Blush Pink Faux Gold Glitter

Chic blush pink and gold faux glitter invitations. Modern and glam girl invites that are easy to personalize for your party. Designs are flat printed illustrations/graphics – NOT ACTUAL GOLD.

Gold faux glitter purple ombre girl

A modern, original and simple faux gold glitter ombre It&#;s a girl invitation on a purple color background

Little Prince  Invite, Faux Glitter

Invite attendees to your shower with this whimsical little prince themed invitation! The glitter and foil are embedded images and the design will print flat and without the texture of real glitter or foil.

Girls, Etiquette, and Invitation

One of the best parts of throwing a baby shower is to choose a theme for the event. From invitations tone of your event, invitations for baby shower that you select must convey that theme guests. Some people can even incorporate your theme with your baby gifts.

Baby shower invitations should be set to go out 4-6 weeks before the date of the shower giving guests who mark their calendars to your time, choose the perfect gift and enjoy and afternoon with mother.

The Surprise Shower

If you are throwing a baby shower surprise, there are several ways to get that information on your baby shower invitations. ” Mother knows that baby on her way … but they don’t know that we are her showering with gifts for the baby to play! ” You can also start with “Shhh, it’s a surprise!”

Make sure your baby shower planning (checklist) is made far enough in advance. Babies have a mind of their own, even before they are in the world! Plan on hosting your baby shower 1-3 months before the mother is due. Contact the mother to be and see how it feels. Some mothers are not to celebrate the last month of pregnancy.

Welcome Shower

If it would be more convenient for parents or more practical, you can have a “Welcoming shower” for the newborn baby throw after he or she is born. guests are sure to buy the correct color of the clothing and the out of town family and friends will be able to attend the shower and meet the newborn all in one visit! Hostess gifts are a common gesture of thanks given by the guests or the guest of honor at the host. In the case of baby showers, to the mother are not expected to be a hostess gift-giving the hostess. If the mother would like to give a gift to the hostess, a bouquet of flowers or a small token of your appreciation would be helpful.

There is no one perfect place for hosting a baby shower. Do you have a house big enough for all guests, then that is the best option. What is most important is to choose a location where the mother would be most comfortable.

Since the word “shower” distracts “showering the mother with gifts,” it is good to indicate where the mother to be is registered on the girl baby girl shower invitations. The registry information is usually at the bottom of the baby girl shower invitation wording, often printed in a smaller font or italics. You can also opt to informing the guests where the mother when they RSVP to the event is registered.

The Guest List

When you create a guest list for a baby shower, it is best to ask the mother for a list of who they want to invite or would at least have her look on a list that you have created. Some mothers may want to have a smaller, more intimate shower, while others will want to celebrate with all their friends and family.

Even if you primarily serve snacks, be sure there is sufficient seating and tables for your guests sit down and eat. Many people come dressed to a baby shower in a beautiful outfit that they wouldn’t want to decorated with deviled eggs or glaze.

Don’t be afraid to use the baby shower invitation for girls as an introduction to the game play on the shower. Ask them to bring a baby photo to the shower and a game is trying to match the baby picture to each guest. There are all kinds of ways that you can get they can join in the fun.

If mom and dad already had a name picked out for the newborn and are comfortable telling people the name, you are more than welcome to use it on the girl baby shower invitations.

Baby showers can be thrown for a second or third child, but the parents insist they don’t have all the gifts that you can get your baby girl shower invitations as such. Just print, “no gifts, please.” at the bottom of the procurement. Your formulation could also read “Please shower us with the gift of your presence …”

Emily Post would dispute should host a baby shower for that usual. Traditionally, relatives should not host a baby shower for the expectant mother rely would be considered. More, it is unacceptable that family members to throw a shower; friends and family are excited for the new arrival and will look forward to attending the baby shower irrespective of who is hosting.

Direction Cards

It is always helpful to a direction card under the baby shower invitation. More people are likely to travel from around the city and may not be familiar with the location of the shower. Be sure you have the address and a phone number for directions on the map of the direction in the event that is the only party of the invitation that they grab on the way out the door.

Name tags are a great way for people to feel at a great baby shower or one where there’s are not. You can use the tags with the theme of the shower or have guests draw their own print duck or rattling on the nameplate.

When planning the arrangement of the seats at a baby shower, make sure you’ve got enough seating for everyone invited and make sure you have a comfortable chair reserved for the expectant mother. Ask someone to be in charge of transmitting the gifts to the mother and anyone else to keep track of who they are. You’ll be the hostess with the mostess have you who arranged for her!

Depending on how many guests are invited to the baby shower, the hostess will make sure the celebration in movement continues. Make sure that the games, food, open view, etc. slightly be scheduled so that the baby shower is a festive celebration and not a drawn out weekend afternoon.

Men can be invited to baby showers, as long as the event is scheduled with both sexes in mind. Men are less likely to wear a pacifier around their neck or set on bonnets and strollers. Make sure the expectant father wants to be included in the baby shower and if so, plan a game that he would enjoy. One such game is to collect questions what he thinks babies favorite sport will be and other such questions. Then ask the guests to guess what the father picked up. The one that is the same as the father WINS guesses!

Gift Suggestions (Registries and Wish Lists)

Many expectant parents for their baby need are expensive and otherwise from service staff price range. A useful thing that a hostess can do is to suggest a gift that several guests can buy together. Guests will be able to afford something special and the expectant parents can receive the car seat or crib their child to keep.

Expectant mothers have to thank every guest as they leave the baby shower. After the favors near the door is a perfect way to collect before everyone leaves and the mother a chance to say goodbye to everyone who attended.

The baby shower host will shower the day working on many details, but it is important that all ready when guests begin to arrive. The host should greet guests at the door, they are welcome to the event and give them description about where to put their wallets and regulated.

Games at a baby shower are great ice breakers, but contact the mother to be for all games planning as they can feel otherwise. The mother may simply prefer as the sign of the guests in a guest book on each play. To put a spin on the guest book, you could have each guest fill out a baby shower scrapbook page and the pictures in later. With our busy lives these days have two hostesses for a baby shower is not only acceptable, but very practical. The tasks can be divided making it easier to throw a wonderful event without all the work is put forth by one person. As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one!”

Give Guests A Small Favor

Baby shower favors have to be extravagant as a special reminder of the event. All in keeping with the theme of the baby shower is what is usually given. Bubbles wrapped with a custom label are a nice reminder.

Because the person who plans and inviting the guests to the baby shower one is responsible for paying the is usually regarded as her gift. Often several people get together and share the costs.

Potlucks are a fun way to get friends and family to be involved in the baby shower to relieve some of the costs. You can create a menu from which people can choose the dish that they would like to make or you can ask everyone to their signature dish.

Even if you have a baby shower hosting with a lot of guests, it is important that time is allowed for gift opening. The shower is to help prepare the parents for their new baby and many people go quite some trouble getting exuberant wrap the perfect gift. Are looking forward to the look on the expectant mother face when opening their gift will feel appreciated and hear in person how much it’s nice. It’s also fun for the rest of the guests to see all the items that the mother has received – isn’t that the fun of baby showers?

Timing is Everything

A fun baby shower theme would be “Mothering around the clock” where guests are asked to purchase a gift that is appropriate for the time of day would be hidden within their invitation. Receive as a guest 12.00, they can choose to buy bottles or something for the feeding time.

When planning the menu for a baby shower, you should consider the time of day that the shower will be prevented. If your guests are arriving at 11:00 pm, they will be expected to have brunch or lunch served at the event. If your baby shower invitations for girls 2:00 p.m. as the hour of starting, desirable light snacks and punch.

To help the expectant mother react in gratitude for all the gifts it has received on the baby shower, have each guest an envelope with their address information. Drop all the envelopes in a bowl and draw a winner for a price. The guests are eligible for a gift and the mom to be, on behalf of them writing one of the notes for the mommy to be.

Pretty Shabby Lace Floral Girl  Blonde

Pink Girl Baby Shower. Blonde Baby Shower. Mason Jar Girl Baby Shower. Pretty Shabby Chic floral design with vintage lace burlap. Please note, all flat images, they do not have real Lace!

Pretty Shabby Chic Lace Floral

Pink Girl Baby Shower. Brunette Baby Shower. Mason Jar Girl Baby Shower. Pretty Shabby Chic floral design with vintage lace burlap. Please note, all flat images, they do not have real Lace!

Floral ,  Invite

Great and unique invitation for that special day in your life!


If you need custom colors or assistance in creating your design, please feel free to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Rustic Shabby Chic

Rustic Shabby Chic Invitation with mason jar banner and rustic wood background.

Rustic Modern Tea Party

This modern and chic Tea Party invitation features a hand painted watercolor teacup with pretty pink flowers, all on a faux kraft paper texture. This invitation is perfect for a tea party themed shower. Select a die-cut shape, textured paper or an ultra-thick paper for an extra special touch. Visit the shop to see more.

Baby Girl Shower BOHO Teepee Arrow Barn Wood Board

Sweet BOHO styled baby girl shower theme has a adorable teepee painted in watercolors and decorated with flowers and arrows, an arrow typography divider with a deer antler design and blush pink rose flowers over worn, faded soft white board background sets off the white lettering in this BOHO chic style invitation suite that is rustic, elegant and relaxed! Lovely hand painted watercolor roses in blush pink are paired with leaf greenery. This typography text layout is in a loose, fun style with script calligraphyheadings in a handwritten style (YES we can customize these for you, just message us and allow a few days to create them for you). The background is in a soft white weathered wood with subtle swirls and a double arrow typographic divider separates the details. On the reverse side is the teepee design in a larger size. Art copyright Audrey Jeanne Roberts, all rights reserved.

Dreamcatcher Boho

Delicate white lace frames this gorgeous invitation. The watercolor wreath is dressed with beautiful feathers and flowers. All wording on this invitation is customizable so that you can use it for any occasion you would like.

Rustic Wood, Floral Wreath Shabby Chic

Rustic wood, vintage floral wreath design for special occasions such as: new baby, baby shower, baptism, bridal shower, tea party, wedding shower, engagement party, birthday celebration, little girl, or adult birthday, anniversary and more.

Succulent Baby's Breath Bridal Shower

Succulent Baby&#;s Breath Rustic Bridal Shower Invitations – feature watercolor succulents, twine and baby&#;s breath floral elements over a barn wood background with elegant fonts. See the full matching collection in this design on this page.

Cactus Desert

The mama to be will love these beautiful watercolor painted bridal shower invitations. •••• Find matching designs here:

Mason Jar Flowers Chalkboard

Pink personalized watercolor flowers and white mason jar girl&#;s chalkboard invite. This sophisticated invite with beautiful pink watercolor flowers in mason jar with white text is fully customizable. If you have any problems customizing your product, feel free to contact me through my store and I will be happy to help. Please note: All products on Zazzle have flat-printed graphics.

Floral Deer Antler Bouquet

Floral Deer Antler Bouquet in Burgundy Wine & Gold on White Wood Rustic Country Chic Invitations ~ Check my shop to see the entire collection with this design!

Rustic Boho Chic

Rustic boho chic invitations. Featuring a watercolor dreamcatcher, monogram and handwriting script font. The date is written between two tribal arrows.

Rustic chic girl baby sprinkle / burlap chalkboard

Enjoy the combo of burlap and colorful blooms on this rustic baby sprinkle invite. Matching items available. Just ask designer if you cannot find what you need.

Fall Autumn Floral

The crispness of the air, the changing of the leaves and the emerging colors: Fall is nothing if not a time for reflection and celebration. The whim and wistfulness of summertime give way to gothic romance, a deepened color palate and a heightened sense of mystery and longing. Pick an autumn event date and encapsulate the spirit of fall.

White Wood & Carriage Boy

Chic White Wood & Whimsical Antique Baby Carriage with Blue Flowers Baby Boy Shower Invitation! Customize it by adding your info! Check my shop to see the entire collection featuring this design!

Ethnic Pretty Shabby Chic Lace Floral

Pink Girl Baby Shower. Ethnic African American Baby Shower. Mason Jar Girl Baby Shower. Pretty Shabby Chic floral design with vintage lace burlap. Please note, all flat images, they do not have real Lace!

Wood grain rustic mason jar

Elegant brown and white rustic mason jar invitations. Custom party invites with wood grain panel and little white faded hearts. Customize scallop cutout shape. Beautiful stylish script typography with cute love symbol silhouettes. Personalizable template with RSVP and registry line. Sweet vintage outdoor barn style babyshower cards for your little prince or princess. Country chic paper designs for pregnant women / mom to be.

Boho Dreamcatcher Bring A Book  Insert

Boho Dreamcatcher Bring A Book Insert Card. Featuring a watercolor dream catcher with colorful feathers on rustic wood. The party date is written between two arrows. Matching invitation:

Make Up Your Own Modern Baby Shower Games

Once again, my head is full of beautiful ideas for different fun games that will thrill mothers. Recently we had a girl baby shower at work and I sat there watching the people walk around like chickens. This got me thinking, my mind wondered as I tried to find unique and usual baby shower Game room. So where is the first place people go looking for answers …? Law, the internet. The internet has the usual baby games. You will find the measure of the mothers abdomen and think it’s baby-food, but why not make it a little more interesting by coming up with your own games. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the classics, but sometimes I think you want to animate it a bit.

For Example

  1. baby Bootie Race – two pairs of cheap baby shoes buy and race across the room with their toes in the shoes and see that they can hold on. Turn it into a relay and if the shoes you fall have to start back at the beginning, I am convinced that you will be the biggest belly full of laughter.
  2. baby bottle stacking – Set up about 10 baby bottle and time or have guests go head to head. On the word GO, have your guests screw from the top of the bottle and the upside down pile on her head, they all have to stand up when it’s time. Competition is always a good time.

Try to think outside the box and find new and innovative ways for your guests to communicate. Find word pairs like & peanut butter, Mickey & Minnie, Amos & Andy, etc., tape to your guests back and they try to link themselves up have. This can be used as an icebreaker for guests who do not know each other well, or just a nice way to get the play started.

Cap it off with this whimsical favors of mother and baby alike.

What kind of invitations are right for a girl’s baby shower?

You can send invitations by mail or if you wish you can also send electronic invitations instead. The theme of the shower makes it clear if the invitation is the right fit. Just make sure it covers everything you want to say as well as including the basic who, what, where, when and RSVP instructions. You can sign up with a baby store or department stores and has a list of daycare products that you enjoy. If so, said that also. Or you can offer when customers answered information. You would be invitations early enough to guests at least a few weeks. This should give you enough time to shower on his schedule and shop for the perfect present.